1st Grade Classroom

Welcome to First Grade!

Contact Information

Mrs. Weaver, First Grade Teacher

e-mail: sweaver@stmarymccormick.com

phone: (810) 982-7906 ext. 145


How do I communicate with parents?

I use an app called Seesaw! It’s an amazing app that lets me share pictures/videos/messages/etc. with you in a secure way! Seesaw provides a SAFE way for your child to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology through an online learning journal with endless possibilities. Each child has their OWN journal, and we will add things like photos, videos, drawings, or notes. I also use Seesaw to send out ANNOUNCEMENTS to families to let them know of upcoming events.

I also send out weekly newsletters that have our upcoming events and important information.

You can also reach me by email or phone!


School begins: 7:45 am

Tardy Bell: 7:50 am

1/2 Day Dismissal: 11:30 am

Full Day Dismissal: 3:15 pm

Each day we will have a morning snack and an afternoon snack. Please send 2 snacks for your child each day. We normally are doing work while we eat our snack, so please try to give your child snacks that are not too messy!

Class Rules

  1. Be Responsible
    • Raise your hand
    • Complete all work
  2. Be Safe
    • Keep hands to yourself
    • Walk, don’t run
    • Use materials wisely
  3. Be Caring
    • Use kind words
    • Take turns
  4. Be Respectful
    • Use good manners
    • Always be honest


We use a behavior clip chart in our classroom and record this in our monthly behavior calendar. Your child’s monthly behavior calendar will be in the daily folder. It will be sent home daily so you can see your child’s daily behavior. The students will color in the color they ended on at the end of the day and will then be initialed by myself on their behavior calendar. When your child is doing something above and beyond (extra work, random act of kindness, etc.), I will ask them to move their clip up to the next color. If your child is making poor choices they will be asked to move their clip down a color. Please review your child’s behavior calendar daily and initial daily. 

Our behavior chart has 7 different levels:

  • Pink (Outstanding)
  • Purple (Great Day)
  • Blue (Good Day)
  • Green (Ready to Learn; This is the color they start at each day)
  • Yellow (Think About It)
  • Orange (Teacher’s Choice)
  • Red (Parent Contact)


Your student will have a daily binder. They will be bringing it back and forth from school. This will hold our daily papers, notes, monthly behavior calendar, flashcards, information pages to refer to, and homework. Please make sure to look through your child’s binder and return it to school every day. 

Your student will start having homework the second week of school. The homework will be sent home on Friday and will be due the following Friday. Please work with your child and encourage them to explain what they are learning. Your child’s homework will be related to what we are learning during that week of school. I will check their weekly homework and they will get to move their game piece around the “Homework-opoly” board game for a chance to win prizes!

First grade is a very big year for your child’s reading development. We will work daily in small groups to read and discuss books that are at his/her reading level. Please read with your child every night for 10-15 minutes. 


Being Late:

We understand that there may be instances when it is not possible to be here on time. However, please try to have your child at school on time so we can begin our day together. If your child is late, he/she will be missing many valuable learning experiences which may impact the learning process. Tardies will be noted on report cards and habitual tardiness may affect your child’s progress in First Grade.


When your child is absent for school, their work from the day will be placed in the homework section of their daily binder. Please complete the work with your child and return it by the due date (or sooner). If you know that your child will be out for a few days, I will try my best to get the work to you so your child can get it done sooner. Just let me know in advance.

If your child is sick please keep him/her at home. Young children catch germs very easily (and so do I!) and illness can spread rapidly around the classroom. If your child is sent to school sick, or becomes ill during school hours the office will be contacting you to come and pick up your child. Please keep all phone numbers current so we may reach you in the even of an emergency.


E-mail me at sweaver@stmarymccormick.com and I will try to answer any questions you have as soon as I can!

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