5th Grade Classroom

The mission of St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy is to provide a safe learning environment which fosters academic excellence and spiritual growth in the Catholic Faith; mind, body, and soul.

St. Mary McCormick Catholic Academy

Class News for October 21, 2019

Important Dates

10/23             Grade 5 hosts Mass

10/24             Field trip to Pine Nature River Center

10/31             Halloween Party/ October book reports due

Weekly Curriculum Topics


Language Arts–writing process, nonfiction, nouns

Social Studies— population and culture


Religion–Mary and saints

Spelling Words for October  21–spelling only

-souvenir          -assume          -include          -avenue          -cartoon

-route                -loose               -lose                 -view              -confuse

-cruise               -jewel              -execute          -glue                -flute

-youth               -accuse            -bruise             -stew               -choose


*conclude     *pursuit     *intrude     *subdue     *presume


Specials Schedule:

Monday – Music                                 Tuesday -Spanish, Gym, Library

Wednesday – Art and Gym              Thursday – Library

Friday -Technology

Important Notes

  • Students may bring gym clothes to change for gym class.
  • We are in need of a volunteer to coordinate the class project for the Fall Harvest.
  • Powerschool provides a quick look at your student’s grades.  It also shows missing assignments. I update it once a week.
  • Please check the volunteer board outside our classroom.  We need helpers for Christmas program scenery.

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