5th Grade Classroom

The mission of St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy is to provide a safe learning environment which fosters academic excellence and spiritual growth in the Catholic Faith; mind, body, and soul.

Class News for January 18, 2021

Important Dates:

1/18–Scholastic book order due

1/29–January book report due

Weekly Topics:

ELA– elements of nonfiction and nonfiction, and writing process

Math–subtracting fractions


Social Studies–United States and Canada

Religion— sacraments

Spelling Words for January 18

-needle           -angel          -pupil           -struggle       -level           -local      -bicycle          -normal       -angle          -legal              -puzzle        -label   -whistle          -formal       -channel       -global          -stumble     -quarrel -article            -fossil

Bonus Words:

*identical       *colonel      *mineral       *vehicle       *identical

Important Notes:

  • Students should charge their Chrome Books each day at home please.
  • Missing assignments are noted in Powerschool.  Please remind your student to turn in any missing work so it doesn’t turn into a 0.  
  • Powerschool shows your student’s grades.  It also shows missing assignments. I update it once a week (usually on the weekend).
  • Students should a a book of their own choosing at school at all times for silent reading.
  • Because we will be washing/ sanitizing hands a lot this year I suggest that each student have a small hand lotion in their art box to help with dry skin.
  • Coats, hats, gloves, boots, and snow pants are needed for recess. Please remind your child to bring them.

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