5th Grade Classroom

The mission of St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy is to provide a safe learning environment which fosters academic excellence and spiritual growth in the Catholic Faith; mind, body, and soul.

Tips and resources:

  1. Powerschool provides a quick look at your student’s grades.  It also shows missing assignments.
  2. IXL is available 24 / 7 and is a great way to practice math skills.  Students are rewarded for using this resource.
  3. Day planners are used daily.  Please take the time to check your student’s day planner for homework and completed work.  Don’t forget to sign for each day as students are rewarded for this.
  4. Take the time to look over homework assignments prior to them being turned in.  This will help your student know if they understand the assignment.

Important Dates

9/3 – School resumes!

Have a great summer!  Please remember to do your IXL Summer Enrichment for a pizza lunch when you return to school in September.  Do at least 2,000 math problems at your just finished or above grade level (not something you have already done).  Deadline is August 15, 2019.  

Specials Schedule:

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My email is: jtummonds@stmarymccormick.com

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