Academic Excellence

St. Mary/McCormick Academy has a proud history of preparing students for success in high school, college and their careers.

Our mission is realized when each student begins to take on their own responsibility to actively pursue his or her own academic excellence and spiritual growth in the Catholic faith. Our educational tradition emphasizes each child, one child at a time, being educated in order to achieve his or her full potential-mind, body and soul.

Proven Results

Our students score in the top 10% to 15% in the nation on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The Iowa Test is a standardized test that is recommended by the Archdiocese of Detroit and used by many Archdiocesan Catholic Schools to track, monitor, assess and analyze academic growth and academic achievement.

Individual Teaching

Small class sizes means students at St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy receive individual attention and constant assessment. Students receive the support and challenge necessary to develop critical thinking skills, regardless of their academic ability.
Support services
SM/MCA students are provided the support they need to excel. Extra help is available, such as through after school study groups, for any student interested in additional support.

Gifted and Talented Services

St. Mary/McCormick Catholic Academy is a registered member of the Midwestern Talent Search, a program out of Northwestern University, for Gifted and Talented Students. This program offers many opportunities to gifted and talented children.


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